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Baking Mistakes Are Good!!

Picture of cupcakes that have exploded while baking

Accepting that you made a mistake can be very challenging and may make you want to never bake again. I believe you will have more fun if you change your perspective.


Mistakes are the best teacher.

Now hear me out for a second. When you do something and it doesn't go as planned, it feels very frustrating. But answer this question...

What do you learn from everything going your way all of the time? Very little.

The learning actually comes from the mistakes.

Here are 3 reasons why that is true.

1. Experience is the best teacher.

You only really know how to do something if you actually do it. Would you take bike riding advice from someone who has never ridden a bike before? 

No. They wouldn't be able to tell you how to balance and use the pedals or what the break feels like when you press it too quickly.

Picture image of black woman kneeling in front of open oven touching the cake that she mistakenly burnt.

2. Mistakes build problem-solving and adaptability skills.

You should look at your baking mistakes as a chance to get better at baking. Resilience is a life skill we can all benefit from. So sharpening your adaptability skills even while baking is a benefit.

Problem solving teaches you to own your choices and to take responsibility for your actions.

If my cupcakes turn out like the picture above, I can't blame the oven. The oven did what it was supposed to and baked what you put inside of it. 

That means somewhere, possibly while making that batter, there was a mistake. Was there something you forgot to add? Did you miss a step? Or even after the batter was made, did you overfill each cupcake pan cup. In this case, the over fill is the likely culprit.

Black man in blue shirt smiling while sitting in the kitchen and reading a recipe

3. Mistakes often lead to creativity and innovation.

The saying "There is more than one way to skin a cat." rings true here. Sometimes the best way to solve a mistake is to find your own method of doing the task because the first way didn't work out so well for you.

Although baking is a science, there are also several options when making your doughs and batters. You can use a Tabletop mixer, hand mixer, spoon or even just your hands. 

Are some easier than others. Yes. And over time there have been inventions to continue making it even easier. But it took someone making those doughs and batters to want to find a way of improving it.

Not everyone owns an eggbeater but I bet you have a fork. 

Mistakes should not be viewed as a fail or as though you lack the skill to bake. Don't forget you have to learn how to bake and in order to learn it you have to work at it. Not every baking adventure is going to turn out like you want them to so take the mistakes as a learning tool to help you get better. 

Until next time, keep on learning from those baking mistakes.


Tasty Regards,


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