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Pot Of Gold Cupcakes (Originally Posted 3/17/2011)

Because of our Irish heritage, we always celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a traditional meal. That also means that if you don't wake up with green on, everyone will pinch you until you do. Needless to say I am always in green (and yes, underwear DOES count, LOL) St. Patrick's Day cupcakes are an example of some of the sweets that I make every year. This year I wanted to decorate them a little different. I decided to do little pots of gold.

I started off with my yellow cupcakes (Now know as the Butter Cake with Buttercream Frosting Baking Kit). Using an open star tip, I cut out a whole in the center of each one. I then filled them with lemon pastry filling. You can also use lemon curd which  recommend. So not only do they have a gold pot, but they also have a golden surprise on the inside.
I then piped the green grass on each cupcake using the #233 (Wilton) grass tip. Some of them look like the wind is blowing!! That wasn't supposed to happen, LOL.
I then pipped the black pot on top of the grass. I just used a #2A (Wilton) round tip. To pipe on the gold pieces I used a #4 (Wilton) round tip. Enjoy!!
Thanks for looking, and  
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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